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Benefits of regular excercise:-

Excercise is very important aspect of a healthy life. It is the best way to improve your physical health as well as your mental health.   Researches show that the person who excercise regularly are more healthier, sleep better, eat well and live well.

Here are some advantages of regular excercise:-
Makes you happy:- The more you do excercise, the more you will be happy because regular physical activities reduce the stress, anxiety and make the person relaxed. It improves the mood and more energetic you feel.
Lowers the risk of many chronic diseases:-  Excercise can help in treating asthma, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disorders, hypertension and other diseases. 
Improves brain functioning- Excercise makes the brain to work more better. By this, good hormones are released which helps in balancing the body functions well.
Weight management:- The regular Excercise burns fat faster thus manage the weight of body.
Strengthen the bone and muscles:- Physical activities improve the blood regulation. It is helpful in the muscular and bony development and makes you fit and fine.
To keep yourself fit you can opt any of the exercises. 
Weight lifting
Pushups and planks.

Thank you!

Team Avikadoctors