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As we all know the whole world is suffering from a pandemic named ‘COVID-19, which is caused by 'CORONA VIRUS'. Do we know why this is happening that the whole world is suffering from this? People are dying in numbers that are increasing day by day and transmission of this disease is also from person to person that the whole world became suddenly untouchable due to fear of infection. People are locked into their houses, not able to meet their loved ones. Roads, trains, shopping malls, schools, offices all are empty, only essential services are in operation. Everything seems to be paused and on hold due to the fear of infection. We are desperately running to find solutions to this problem. Now the question arises that why all of a sudden this pandemic spread and the most important is the species of the earth i.e. HUMAN BEING is locked into their houses, even voluntarily also they can’t go anywhere. Have they did anything wrong with the nature that they are so helpless that they need to be immobile. Answer is ‘Yes’.As Newton's third law states that "each and every action has equal and opposite reaction. Most of us have heard it but today we all are experiencing it. It happened because it's humans who have disturbed the ecosystem, yes you read that right. We are the ones responsible. We have killed innocent species for our profits, for our luxuries and especially for our taste buds. We are the most crucial species of the earth because we destroyed everything provided by nature. For our existence we started destroying other species of nature. We spoiled rivers, trees, all nature gifted things. We have ultimately destroyed each and every gift that was bestowed upon us by nature and now nature is giving us results by disturbing the balance of ecosystem. The disease that is getting spread by Corona is not even not human borne but it spread due to animal consumed by humans. Now disease is not under control and the day is not very far when the whole world will get affected and we will left with dead bodies of our loved ones.  Now it's time for us to pay back for our deeds. Remember that saying "what u sow, so you reap" We tried to lock down animals, birds for our safety, for our self-existence but now nature is reversing the situation, animals and birds are freely roaming around and we are locked. We are not able to take fresh air because of fear of infection but all animals and birds are freely roaming. Nature become Pollution free because it is healing itself which we have destroyed it. Now it's time for us to think and stop our deeds here otherwise it's just a start towards destruction!

Neha Kayath

Done M.D in Repertory from Dr.MPK college and Research centre, jaipur in 2019, B.H.M.S from Y.P.S.M medical college and hospital, alwar, in 2015, N.D.D.Y from Y.P.S.M medical college and hospital in 2014. Self employed since 2019.


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