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Do you keep hearing sounds in your ears, like ringing, buzzing, hissing, etc? Let’s learn how and why it is produced, and what how homeopathy can help you to get rid of it.

Tinnitus is a medical term used for “ringing in the ears”. It is the sensation of hearing sounds like ringing, buzzing, chirping, whistling, and other kids of sounds which may be transient or may continue for longer periods of time. These sounds are heard, without any external source of sounds.

Tinnitus isn’t a disease in itself, but a symptom of some underlying medical conditions. Usually it is not a manifestation of any serious condition, but it can be irritating and frustrating and start interfering in hearing real normal sounds. Tinnitus can happen in one or both the ears, and affect people of all ages. But the condition is more common in old age and worsens with the advancing age.

For some people, it may become the reason of insomnia, poor work performances, difficulty in concentration, anxiety, irritability and depression.

Tinnitus could be of two types-

  1. Objective tinnitus- In objective type of tinnitus, the sounds produced can be heard by both the patient and the people around him. It is a rare kind of tinnitus and usually happens due to abnormal blood vessels in and around the ears. During heart beats, a distinct pulsating sound can be heard by the person and the people around him.

  2. Subjective tinnitus- It is a much more common type of tinnitus, in which the patient suffering from it is only able to hear the whistling and ringing in the ears.

Sound waves are picked up by the middle ear and the internal ears conduct them into electrical signals that are picked by the brain and translate them into sounds that we hear. Any damage in the middle or internal ears can interfere with the transmission and translation of sound waves resulting into altered perception of sound in the form of tinnitus.

Some common causes of tinnitus may be- worsening of hearing with advancing age, and hearing loss, short term exposure to loud music, which may produce transient tinnitus, long exposure to loud sounds from MP3 players, iPods may result into permanent damage in the ears and result into tinnitus, sudden exposure to loud sounds like firearms can also lead to hearing loss and tinnitus, Osteosclerosis in the bones of the middle ear can also affect hearing and cause tinnitus, Earwax protects ear by trapping dust and reducing the growth of bacterias, but too much accumulation of earwax is difficult to be naturally washed away and may interfere with hearing and cause tinnitus.

Other medical causes of tinnitus may include- Ménière’s disease, head or neck injuries, acoustic neuroma, Eustachian tube dysfunction, temporomandibular joint disorders, muscle spasm in the inner ear, atherosclerosis, hand and neck tumours, turbulent blood flow, malformation of capillaries, etc.

Some medications can also cause or worsen tinnitus. Usually the symptoms disappear when the drug is discontinued. These medicines include- Some antibiotics, cancer medications, diuretic pills, quinine medicines for malaria, certain antidepressants, aspirin, etc.

Some common factors which predispose a person to developing tinnitus are- Exposure to loud sound, that may be sudden or long term, advancing age, men are more prone to develop tinnitus, smoking, cardiovascular diseases that affect the blood flow like hypertension and atherosclerosis also increase the risk.

Tinnitus as such is not a very serious condition, but it can adversely affect the quality of life of a person by making him experience-stress, disturbances in sleep, difficulty in concentrating, depression, memory loss, anxiety and irritability, fatigue, etc.

Homoeopathy has an individualised and holistic approach towards the treatment of tinnitus, as we know that tinnitus is not a disease itself but a symptom to the underlying medical condition. Taking the holistic approach, homeopathy doctorwith proper case taking chooses medicine according to the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of the patient, which can cure the disease from its roots.

Homeopathy not only cures the symptoms and the underlying disease, but also treat the accessory mental symptoms like depression, irritability and anxiety that it brings with it.

Some of the commonly prescribed homeopathic medicines include-

  1. Calcarea carb- This remedy is usually indicated when the patient experiences tinnitus with vertigo. Tinnitus may also be accompanied with hearing troubles, and cracking or pulsing sensation in the ears. This remedy is indicated in the people who are usually chilly, get easily tired and have craving for sweets.

  2. Chininum suphuricum- The chief symptom of this remedy is buzzing, ringing or roaring sounds in ear, that start interfering with the normal hearing of the person. The person may also have sensitivity towards chills and vertigo, during which the tinnitus also gets aggravated.

  3. Graphites- This is an excellent choice of remedy in patients who face deafness with the symptoms of tinnitus. The person may hear hissing and clicking sounds in the ear, which might sometimes become as loud as a gunshot. The people needing this remedy usually suffer with regular constipation, poor concentration, and have cracking skin eruptions.

  4. Lycopodium- People needing this remedy hear humming and roaring sounds in the ear. Echo of sounds is also common in people who need this remedy. This medicine is often indicated in people who have regular ear infections with discharge, along with chronic abdominal complaints and regular urinary tract infections.

  5. Kali mur- This remedy is indicated when there is excessive accumulation of mucous in nose and throat area. The people complain of chronic ear discharges. Cracking and popping sound is common in patients who need this remedy, which usually aggravate while swallowing anything. Deafness due to the discharges is also possible in these people.

  6. Natrum salicylicum- This remedy is indicated in people who develop tinnitus as a consequence to Ménière’s disease. The symptoms are represented in the form of a triad, that include- ringing in the ears, hearing loss and vertigo. The ringing in ears is almost constant, but low in intensity.

  7. Chenopodium anthelminticum- This is excellent remedy for the cases where there are sudden spells of vertigo, along with tinnitus. The person may be able to hear the high pitched sounds, but is almost deaf to human voice. Another striking feature of this remedy is that it is very effective in the cases of tinnitus synchronous.

Tinnitus can be diagnosed by the nature of symptoms and usually do not require any specific lab tests. On Avikadoctors patients facing tinnitus can consult the homeopathy doctor online and get permanent solution to their problems without needing to visit the clinics physically. Patients can register for free on the portal and choose the mode of consultation accordingly to their need.



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