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Dr Edward Bach is the leading pioneer in introducing to the world the Bach flower remedies .In toto v have 38 remedies add on one more the rescue remedy it’s mixture of 5 remedies. The list of the name of remedies will be provided herewith.The remedies can b dispensed as is done in Homoeopathy Like water dose or globules.The remedies are prepared from flower essence And rock water is the only remedy not prepared from any flower essence but from the water that flows down the rock.Edward Bach invented Bach flower essence and was of the opinion that diseases are psychosomatic. They affect the psyche and is reflected on soma body.Bach flower remedies deal only with mental symptoms. Unlike Homoeopathy which considers the totality of symptoms for prescriptionEach remedy essence tackles with the negative aspect it’s matter of attitude changing the negative aspect to positive ones and thus help in wholistic healing Let’s spread the fragrance of Bach flower essence and make this world a beauty place to live in the list of the remedies too herwith frds Agrimony Aspen Beech Centaury Cerato Cherry plum Chest nut bud Chicory Clematis Crab apple Elm Gentian Gorse Heather Holly Honey suckle Hornbeam Impatiens Larch Mimulus Mustard Oak Olive Pine Red chest nut Scleranthus Star of Bethlehem Sweet chest nut Vervian Vine Walnut Water violet Wild oat Wild rose Willow And rescue remedy Rescue remedy is the blend of 5 essence Impatiens Star of Bethlehem Cherry plum Rock rose And clematis Administration of Bach flower remedies dosage 2drops from the bottle 4 times a day Don’t have any meals not drink water 10-15 mins before and after the administration of the remedy Strong flavours taste minimise the effects of the remedies First dose to be taken morning on empty stomach Followed by dose in noon Evening And at night bed time Easiest way is to put 2 drops from the bottle into the mouth using dropper taking care not to let dropper touch the mouth The dose to be taken for 3- 4 weeks In case of emergency 2 drops with the help of dropper every 15 mins until the pt feels better Then back to 4 doses per day Infants and young age one drop four times a day In the next session we will study on agrimony remedy stay tunned All bestThanks and regardsDr raksha thakker Thane Bombaythakkar.raksha@gmail.comMobile number 8779630369What’s app 7506218187

Raksha Thakker

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