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Sunlight and Your Health

   Small amounts of sun light, especially early in the day , can be good for you in man...

Advantages of Vegetarian Diet.

A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that wholesome vegetarian diets offer distinct advan...

 Why to avoid sugary drinks to keep healthy

 Why to avoid sugary drinks to keep healthy Sugary drinks (liquid drinks), commonly known as...

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Avikadoctors.com is build with the aim of making this world much healthier. Avikadoctors.com is build with the aim of making this world much healthier

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yes , effectively as well u can break tendency to recurrence too.

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We can relieve urinary symptoms caused due to BPH , as age is more complete restoration to normal size is difficult

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Yess homeopathy can stop hairfall also and regrowth also

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yes , just in few days u vl get complete cure on our tri-phase treatment

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No answer Yet

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Meningitis cured with Homeopathy

Acute Diseases
Dr.Swati Kate
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Choose... Shivani Deshmukh
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Phobias and Homoeopathy


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Diabetic patients
After Surgical Innervation where Patient did not get relief, We @Sanjeevani Homoeopathic Clinic, provides him cure with in 24 hrs.
20 mm & 10 mm Renal Calculus Successfully evacuated @ Sanjeevani Homoeopathic Clinic, 20, Bholeshawar Colony, Ajay Nagar, Ajmer.